Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where will TCS be held this year?

The Bay Jewel in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas!

What speakers will you be having?

We are excited to be having 2 powerful married duos this year! Gerald and Elena Flores and Juan and Rebekah Gonzales! Read more about them here:

From what time to what time will the event be held?

The event starts at 6:00PM The first 30 minutes will be dedicated to networking! Come enjoy the Bay Jewel's bar and hear Kinderr DJ the event (make sure to bring your business cards!). Then we will be hearing from our amazing and knowledgeable speakers!

What will the speakers be discussing?

The speakers will be discussing things from ecommerce, how to use mailing lists, branding, what is SEO and how do i use it to help drive more traffic to my website. To other things like using social media and social media advertisements as a service to sell and find your ideal clients.

Whether you're just starting out and selling things on etsy or starting a different and new business venture there are things to gain from each speaker.

How much is a ticket to this event?

The first year is free! Crazy, right? We wanted to create a place where all walks of business professionals are able to congregate and dream big dreams. We wanted everyone to feel free to share but also be fed new ideas.

So how do I register to go?

It's super easy! Just go here to register:

Is there an age limit?

Anyone 16 years and older are able to attend and must be accompanied by an adult.

I'm interested in sponsoring! Who do I reach out to?

Email us at